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Our Fleet and Equipment










Capt. Barb's Hot Rod.  2004 25 foot Crest  HPT pontoon powered by a 200 hp  Honda. Yes ladies it has a rest room. Equipped  and 16  rod holders, Lowrance   LCX-27 Main GPS, and a LCX 17 Sonar system, VHF radio and for winter fishing an enclosure with heat.



Capt. Boudreaux's Fishing platform is a 25' Crest Tri-toon  powered  by a 225 hp Four Stroke Yamaha and 17 rod holders. HumminBird Main Sonar and GPS system with conture mapping  and a Lowrance HDS 5 for backup. VHF radio keeps us in contact with the world. This Boat has been modified for Handicap Access and to make every inch of interior room fishing friendly. This boat also has a rest room, Hard top and full enclosure with heat for winter fishing comfort.



Fish Cleaning Facilities? You bet ya, along with and all the ice you can use. Here Capt. Mouse prepares another day's catch for her customers for the trip home. Fish preparation and ice is included in the price.











We use what is considered light tackle on the Santee Cooper lakes. 7' and 7'6" Shakespere Ugly Stik rods, Albu Garcia 5500 and 6500C3 reels spooled with 65# and 100# Spiderwire line. This makes every fish a trophy, but capable of landing the larger pigs. You will find no broom stick rods on our boats. All of our tackle is in new condition for your enjoyment. Your day should not be spoiled by equipment failure!


Running (2) Charter boats at the same time takes a massive amount of tackle. Here are just a few of the 80 plus Shakespere Ugly Stik rods and 6500 C reels. To insure the tackle is always in excellent working order, they are stored in their own special room. We call it the tackle box!




This is our new 500 gal. in ground bait holding tank. You shouldn't have to spend part of your fishing day catching bait, or waiting for someone to bring bait. Or worst than that fishing with day old bait. We use only fresh bait that we have caught or purchased swimming the morning of your trip or swimming on board, just before it is used. Bait is expensive costing up to $20.00 per dozen but, we spare nothing to assure you have the best fishing adventure of your life.


We try not to use just any bait that's available from dealers. Some times these baits work great and then some times they don't. Dealers and Bait stores carry what will stay alive in their tanks, until it's sold to reduce their loss, not what will catch fish the best at that time. We try to catch our own and carry several different kinds of bait on each trip. Steak is great, but do you want it for every meal. Fish don't either.


This shows Capt. Boudreaux's main hobby.  PM ,clean, and lube reels. Shown here, we're relineing with 65lb. Spiderwire line on just a few of over 80 reels that must be maintained for your fishing pleasure.