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Santee Cooper Lakes Fishing Report


From Sunrise to Sunset fishing is always and adventure with

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Santee Cajun Guide Service

True Fishing Humor

A lady from South Jersey on Capt. Boudreaux's boat one April day and was fighting a good fish for a while when the hook pulled out. She then continued to reel the line in. When Boudreaux pointed at a snail on the point of the hook (the reason the fish was lost) she sighed and said to him "I can't believe a snail pulled that hard". 


Yes Nancy those little boogers can put up a fight!

Click here for the current NOAA weather on the Santee Cooper Lakes 

  How high's the water Mama

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Santee Cooper Fishing Report




Clay Adcox from Greenville SC. has won the 2019 free fishing trip. He landed this 54lb. Pig Blue on 9-1-18. CPRed the fish to fight another day!

 The winter bite just keeps on getting better on Lake Marion. Even with the high water 


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Catfish-The winter bite just keeps on getting better. We do have a lot of high water but the bait is bunched up amd the fish are under them.

 Stripe Bass- Season is Open. Most of the fish caught are falling in the Slot. and a few over the 26" mark.

The new Law just signed by the govenor has been a while in coming. You may keep 3 fish between 23" to 25" you may also keep one trophy fish 26"or over. The trophy fish count as one of you 3  fish per person per day limit! 

Check out our Reel Results . You will see good days, bad days and even ugly days. If you see a blank board the customer paid nothing.  As Capt. Barb said one day "We're guides not God, and it ain't over to the fat lady sings , and see ain' t singing". We cannot forecast what the weather or the water conditions will be when you book . We can only rely on our experience and we will do our best to put you on fish even on the worst of conditions! Remember there are fisherman and then there's pole holders! We can only put you on the fish.

The customer must bring them to the landing net.