We will show The Good, The Bad, and sometimes The Ugly
First Quarter
14 year old  Tom Brower  from Columbia SC.  wins the 2008 big fish contest for a free fishing charter in 2009. Come on and fish with us and you may win a free fishing trip for 2010. The Flathead weighed in at 42lbs. 4oz. Travis shows off  the first fish of the year but it won't hold up as big fish 1-2-09 Roger Blackwood and  his grandson Travis from Lumber Bridge NC. show off a slow day before the wind  blew us off  the lake early on 1-2-09 The Catfish Wildman  Rocky Mills is back but the fish left town. 3 fish all day but what a spring day. In January!!!!! Rocky at least took over the lead for big fish 18.2 lbs. Rodney Scott and  Lloyd  from the Winston  Salem NC. area put up with some snotty weather to land these 2 small Blues on 1-17-09. It gets worse the next day.
Aaron and Jody  from Wilson NC. down for a January fishing trip run head on with the coldest front of the year.1-16-07 (75degrees the day   before and a high of 27 on the 16th.) As hard as  you try sometimes you just can't make them bite. Rodney Scott and Lloyd, was not charged one red cent for this days fishing and rebooked the same 2 days next year on the boat. He'll be back the first week of april to better his record of 49 Cats in 3 hrs. John Laughlin far  right far right from Lawndale NC. brought Harroll, Robert, and Jerry Brackett fishing but the weather was horrible. Thick fog and heavy rain all day. But it could have been worse than just ugly. 1-24-09 The Hayden family  from Pemrose NC. show off the fish they got to the boat in fog and rain on 1-24-09 Larry Powell takes  over the Big Fish leed with this 34.4 lb. Blue caught on 2-7-08
Larry and his  brother Pee Wee Powell from Iowa. Caught this mess of Blues with us on 2-7-09 on Lake Moultrie Mouse and Boudreaux  take a vacation and go fishing. Mouse landed this nice 34 lb. Blue on 2-21-09 On a tough  day Jerry, Frank, Tony and Randy from up state SC. fish hard for these 5 fish on 2-27-09 Eric Sharp from  Huntersville NC. takes over the big fish contest with this nice 37.77 lb. Blue 2-28-09 Phil, Eric,Clay,Mark and  Nate braved a wet and Nasty day that we recomended rebooking to catch these fish. These guys were hard core fishermen and have already rebooked. 2-18-09
Charles McCraw shows  off his biggest fish ever Charles and Rachel  McCraw pull in a double on 3-7-09 Charles and Rachel  McCray from Charleston SC. show off what they caught on 3-7-09. Not bad for a day when no one was catching fish. The Bill Faison  group from Raleigh NC. show off what they got to the boat on 3-7-08. Lost Bubba buts that fishing. David Dye lands  the first Blue of the day on 3-9-09
Not to be  out done Kathy Dye pulls this one out of the tree roots. Kathy and David  Dye from New Columbia, PA show off a great catch on a perfect day 3-9-09 Jerry Morton finally  lands a fish on 3-11-09 Jerry and JeDonne  Morton from Lansing, NC show off what they got to the boat. Sorry JeDonne I can't make fish jump in the boat. You have to catch them! Edd, Tommy,Kenny and  Edward from Vienna, GA. show off our never stop attitude. We had no fish in the boat after 7 hrs of hard fishing.The last 2 stops of the day produced these 9 on 3-14-09
Kelly's first catfish  ever After losing seaveral  good fish with a Hooyaa bass hook set, Jason lands this nice 27.5 lb. Blue on 3-16-09 Kelly, Jason and  Jason's dad Jerry from Al. celebrate Jerry's birthday with a fishing trip with us. We were wet all day but everyone had a ball. 3-16-09 John Douglas and  son Tanner from Cola SC. show off what they were able to land. The fish just would not come out of the dead forest on 3-19-09 The Charles Dickey  group from Trenton, SC. show off a spring catch when everything is right. Northeast wind blowing into a Southwest bank.
Robert Cooper shows  of the first fish of the day fishing with Capt. Barb. on 3-21-09 The Robert Cooper  party from Ridgeway, what they caught on a snotty day 3-21-09 The White shadow  shows off the first fish of the day on 3-21-09 This trip was  a Christmas present to Ronnie Hughes (Center) from his wife. These guys were hard core as we fought 3 foot waves to catch these fish.  Zach lands his  largest cat ever on 3-22-09
Logan shows off  his first catfish ever on 3-22-09 Chris shows off  another go Blue caught on 3-22-09 The Daniels family  from Spartenburg SC. with their catch on 3-22-09 The Larry Wilson  group from Ohio, show off a good catch on 3-22-09 Keith Colgan comes  back to land this nice 21 plus lb. Blue on 3-23-09
Keith's daughter Karina  show off her fist catfish on a way too calm day. 3-23-09 Keith and Karina  Colgan from Cleveland TN. show off what would bite on 3-23-08 

Dad holds 10  year

 old Micheal's first and largest Blue ever on 3-25-09 Everyone gets into  the picture showing off 8 year old Steven's big Blue. Steven, Michael amd  dad Dave Wallace from Aiken SC. had a ball catching Turtles, Garfish and getting these 3 Blues to the Boat on 3-25-09
Greg Young shows  off a nice 16lb. Blue on 3-24-09 Greg Young and  Michael King from Hickory NC. with a good catch on 3-27-09 Tristan shows off  his first catfish ever Charles McCraw and  Tristan show off what they got to the Net. 3-27-09 Dana lands her  first catfish on 3-28-09
Terry Glover group  show off their catch on 3-28-09 Robbie shows a  nice Blue pulled out of 2 feet of water on 3-28-09 Need to get  a second net on this boat Father and Daughter  tag team this double on 3-28-09 The second Terry  Glover group from Gastonia show off a fine early spring catch on 3-28-09
Charles came back  when he heard the wind was going to blow. Lands the first fish of the day 3-29-09 Brad follows up  with the second cat. Brad and Charles  from Charleson SC. show 5 hours of fishing. can't fish 35 mph. winds and still get home. The Andy McCarter  family Clover SC. back for the second year, show off 5 hrs. of fishing before we got blown off the Lake. Colin lands his  first fish ever on 3-30-09
Friend Colin lands  his first catfish ever on 3-30-09 The Colin and  Colin show from Greenwood SC. with their catch for the day. Dick Mirst lands  this double by himself on 3-30-09 80 year young  Dick Mirst from NC. said when he can't shave him self or fish pull the Plug. Well this shows he can still fish and maybe dance.